The 2020 Tansy Games

You are invited to compete in Del Norte County’s second Tansy Games, coming to your property or farm field near you!

What is Tansy, and why is it a problem? Tansy Ragwort (Senecia jacobaea) is a noxious weed which can be lethal to cattle, horses, and other livestock. Each plant can grow as tall as 6-7 feet and in spring and early summer, Tansy is easily identified by its bright yellow flowers. Cows, horses, other livestock feeding on Tansy can get ill and even die. Though Tansy is poisonous, animals are known to acquire a taste for it, nibbling a little and then searching for more. After the leaves have browned, they lose their bitter taste; animals will eat these with even less hesitation.

Removing Tansy is the Law; let’s make it fun. Del Norte County Ordinance Number 77-48, the “Tansy Control Ordinance”, essentially requires people to remove Tansy Ragwort from their property. The Tansy Games are intended to raise awareness that removing Tansy and other invasive species from properties is the right thing to do. Del Norte County residents can dispose of properly bagged Tansy for no charge at the Del Norte County Transfer Station. Any non-tansy materials in tansy bags may result in fees charged and/or disqualification from the Tansy Games. Tansy disposal is FREE for Del Norte County customers all year round. The Del Norte Solid Waste Management Authority pays the disposal costs for all Tansy Ragwort separately disposed at the Del Norte County Transfer Station. The easiest time of the year to do this is when Tansy is blooming with its bright yellow flowers.

When are the Tansy Games? The Tansy Games are a contest to encourage all interested able-bodied people to gather and dispose of Tansy Ragwort at the Del Norte County Transfer station during the contest period. The total amount of Tansy Ragwort disposed by registered teams and individuals will be calculated and prizes awarded for the most weights of Tansy removed. The Tansy Games will begin on July 1st and run through Labor Day Monday, September 7, 2020. You can harvest, bag, and stockpile Tansy while you wait for the Tansy Games to begin.

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How to Participate

Teams and Schools are Invited.   Future Farmers of America, 4H, and Scout Troops are all encouraged to form a team.    You can contribute to any team by showing your signed liability release and giving the name of your school or team when you dispose of tansy.  Forms to sign up and for liability release may be found at the Crescent City Transfer Station  at 1700 State St. and our website :

Can I compete as an individual?   Yes.  Individuals who want to compete in the Tansy Games just need to show the gate attendant identification and a copy of the signed liability release, and we will track the amount of Tansy disposed by each team or individual throughout the Tansy Games.  

Can I collect tansy from properties that I don’t own?  Only if you get permission from the property owner.  Individuals and teams are responsible for getting permission to gather tansy from property owners.  State and National Park lands and Pacific Shores are off limits.

See you at The Tansy Games!

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Sign Up Now!


Print out and fill out the sign-up form!

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Bring the completed signup form to:

Del Norte County Transfer Station

1700 State Street
Crescent City, CA 95531

Hours of Operation

Monday through Friday: 8 AM – 5 PM
Saturday & Sunday:   9 AM – 5 PM