Fluorescent Tubes or Bulbs

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Fluorescent tubes or bulbs from residents are accepted at the Del Norte County Transfer Station at no charge (residential fluorescent bulbs only) seven days a week.  Should you have a break a fluorescent tube or bulb, ventilate the area where the tube or bulb broke for 15 minutes, then wear a dusk mask to clean up [...]

Household Batteries

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All household batteries, including all alkaline, all rechargeable, all carbon-zinc, as well as all button cells, and battery packs from rechargeable devices can now be recycled at two dozen locations in Del Norte County, including the Del Norte County Transfer Station. To store batteries prior to recycling, tape one end of each battery with masking, duct or [...]


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You can save over 60% the cost to dispose of carpet by following these steps and recycling that carpet and carpet padding at the Del Norte County Transfer Station.  Carpeting must be free from any debris and rolled in manageable sections.  Carpet padding may also be recycled in the carpet recycling trailer.  You will need to [...]

Autos & Metals

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Junk Autos may be recycled through A1 Auto Wreckers at 464-7732. To report an abandoned vehicle, call the Sheriff’s department at 464-4191.  You may also call the code enforcement officer for the County at 464-7254. Keep your metals separate from your trash, and you can recycle them at the Del Norte County Transfer Station –  saving [...]

Paint & Books

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Non-aerosol paints and stains are accepted at the Del Norte County Transfer Station free of charge.  Paints will be accepted only in their original sealed, non-leaking container with the original label.  For a complete list of acceptable materials, click here.  

Car Batteries & Antifreeze

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Car batteries and other lead acid batteries are accepted at the Del Norte County Transfer Station free of charge. Antifreeze (ethylene glycol) is accepted at the Del Norte County Transfer Station free of charge.  Please bring in a sealed container.  Contaminated antifreeze will not be accepted.

Used Motor Oil & Oil Filters

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There are currently five certified oil recycling centers in Del Norte County.  These centers will offer to pay you $0.40 per gallon of uncontaminated oil.  Oil needs to be in sealed containers of not more than five gallons.  For more information on how to recycle your used motor oil, click here. Auto shops, trucking firms, those [...]

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