What is the relationship between the Authority and Recology Del Norte, and of the Del Norte County Transfer Station?

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The Authority developed the service standards and request for proposals, procured competitive proposals, and selected and administers the Franchise Collections Agreement with Recology Del Norte to provide trash, recyclables, and brush collection services in Del Norte County. The Authority and its contractors developed the facility layout, design, and construction of the Del Norte County Transfer Station [...]

What is the Del Norte Solid Waste Task Force?

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The Del Norte Solid Waste Task Force is a standing advisory group of citizen volunteers, as described under Public Resources Code section 40950, who meet to discuss and advise the Authority Board and CalRecycle regarding strategies, programs, and policy options for the Authority to implement, especially in relation to the Countywide Integrated Waste Management Plan and [...]

How do Commissioners of the Authority get elected or appointed?

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Since 1992, the Authority Board has been comprised of five Commissioners.  Two were appointed by the Mayor of Crescent City from among the five elected City Councilpersons, two were appointed by the Chair of the Board of Supervisors from among the five elected County Supervisors, and one was elected by the other four Authority Commissioners. Starting [...]

What does the Authority do?

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The First Amended Joint Powers Agreement adopted in 2012 established the Purpose, composition, organization, powers and functions of the Authority, there are six purposes of the Authority: Planning, siting, permitting, developing, constructing, maintaining, managing and providing gate attendants for public disposal sites, transfer stations, and/or sanitary landfills, and planning for and securing the services of necessary [...]

What is the Mission of the Del Norte Solid Waste Management Authority?

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On 10 September 2014, the Authority Board of Commissioners adopted the following Mission Statement: “The Authority’s Mission is the management of Del Norte County solid waste and recyclable material in an environmentally sound, cost effective, efficient and safe manner while ensuring 100% regulatory compliance with law.” 

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