The First Amended Joint Powers Agreement adopted in 2012 established the Purpose, composition, organization, powers and functions of the Authority, there are six purposes of the Authority:

  1. Planning, siting, permitting, developing, constructing, maintaining, managing and providing gate attendants for public disposal sites, transfer stations, and/or sanitary landfills, and planning for and securing the services of necessary non-disposal processing facilities or other options related to recovering discarded resources and processing those materials to increase their value; (see Facilities)
  2. Preparing, implementing, and providing related monitoring, reporting, updates and revisions for programs of a Regional Agency Integrated Waste Management Plan as required under the California Integrated Waste Management Act of 1989 as amended (California Public Resources Code commencing with section 40050), including programs related to used motor oil, oil filters, and household hazardous wastes and other materials and products banned from mixed waste disposal;
  3. Defining and monitoring the service standards for collections of discards in the incorporated and unincorporated area of County and the ability to grant franchises for waste hauling and/or collection and processing of mixed recyclable materials, in its discretion; (Recology Del Norte provides services under the Collections Franchise)
  4. Exercising all setting and controls on maximum rates to be charged to the public for discard collections services, and solid waste and recycling services in Del Norte County, and other appropriate powers reasonably necessary to carry out the purpose of this Agreement, including  securing disposal capacity for Del Norte County residents, agencies, and businesses as required under Public Resources Code sections 41701 and 41703;
  5. Developing, adopting, and implementing Ordinances and programs to control and prosecute illegal dumping and blight in Del Norte County associated with solid waste accumulation and storage; and
  6. Post-closure maintenance, monitoring, reporting and remediation related to the Crescent City Landfill as required by relevant Orders from the Regional Water Quality Control Board, North Coast Region, the California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) the North Coast Air Quality Management District.