There are currently five certified oil recycling centers in Del Norte County.  These centers will offer to pay you $0.40 per gallon of uncontaminated oil.  Oil needs to be in sealed containers of not more than five gallons.  For more information on how to recycle your used motor oil, click here. Auto shops, trucking firms, those with farm equipment or other small businesses can now. can bring their containers of uncontaminated used motor oil to the Del Norte County Transfer Station. Transfer station staff will pump and recycle oil in quantities ranging from 15 to 55 gallons for $15.00 per drum. Customers are reminded to follow state laws prohibiting the transportation of more than 55 gallons of used motor oil and to transport the oil securely in non-leaking drums or containers. Hambro WSG staff will perform the pumping service, verify the quantity pumped and return the customer’s container to them. The oil must be free of antifreeze, gasoline, solvents or water.

Used oil filters can be disposed at the Del Norte County Transfer Station  free of charge (for residents only).  Oil filters need to be drained 24 hours.