The Del Norte Solid Waste Management Authority has adopted the following Ordinances:

1. Ordinance 2008-01 : Solid Waste and Recycling Responsibility Ordinance

Establishes responsibilities for acceptable discard management for persons, businesses, Producers, government agencies, and property owners in Del Norte County

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2. Ordinance 2008-02 : Nuisance Abatement Ordinance

Defines and describes nuisances, violations, and abatement procedures associated with discards, including blight associated with discards which have been inappropriately accumulated, stored, or disposed.  City and County retain responsibilities for nuisances not associated with discards or illegal dumping.

3.  Ordinance 2008-03 : Administrative Citation Ordinance

Establishes enforcement procedures through administrative citations, which would be in addition to possible criminal, civil, or other legal remedies.

4. Ordinance 2009-01 : Enforcement Officer Ordinance of the Del Norte Solid Waste Management Authority

Empowers the Authority Director to appoint an Ordinance Enforcement Officer to enforce all Authority Ordinances, including those listed above.

California State Laws and Regulations

The California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) has additional information about the Statewide Commercial Recycling Mandate here.   Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about this law can be found here.